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Ticketsn Fares is a traveling firm engaged in providing the services that can make a trip plan happen. We help you get everything into place when it comes to an ideal travel plan, so that you can explore the beauty of the unexplored places.

As a responsible and reliable agency, it is our duty to state your rights and obligations. Navigating through our terms and conditions until the end, you can enjoy our services with a crystal clear mind set on how we work and what we expect from you when you visit us or use our services. All the conditions described herein are legally binding on everyone.

You may browse our website if you accept, without modification, all of the terms, conditions, and notices listed below (referred to as the ‘Terms’ or ‘Agreement’). This Agreement includes all of the terms applicable to the services made available through our Website and describes all of the user’s responsibilities, thereby limiting Ticketsn Fares’s and/or our suppliers’ liability. The suppliers include, without limitation, airlines, car rental companies, and hotels that provide any service through our Website. They are referred to as third-party providers or ‘Travel Service Providers’ in this context.

Please carefully read the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Data Protection Policy on our website. They contain all of the information about your bookings, your use of our Website, and other details. By using Ticketsn Fares, booking a travel service on or contacting our call centre agents, you agree that the terms listed here apply to you as well. If you do not agree to any of the Terms listed below, we recommend that you do not use or make any Bookings with us or our travel agents.

Furthermore, we can make changes to our terms and conditions at our sole discretion at any time without any prior notice. It is advised to you to save this page so that you can remain up to date with the latest updated terms and conditions for a pleasant user experience.

Our website intends to provide our services to residents of the United States and Canada. This Agreement also only applies to Services and Bookings made from these regions. Your IP address determines your location, and if you are in any of these regions, these terms apply to you.



If you want to use Ticketsn Fares website, call center agents, and other products & services provided by Ticketsn Fares, you need to guarantee the following criteria:

You are 18 years old or above and have the legal authority to engage in a legally binding contract with Ticketsn Fares.

You will use Ticketsn Fares in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;

You will use Ticketsn Fares’s services to make authentic Bookings for you or a person on whose behalf you are legally authorized to act;

If you act on behalf of another person, make sure they have complete information about the Terms applicable to the Bookings;

All information used to book the Services is current, right, true, accurate, and completely conveyed to the buyer;

We, at our sole discretion hold the right to deny any individual access to the Services offered by us, at any time without giving the reason for it, including any kind of violation to the terms of this Agreement.


When you deal with our customer service agents, you agree that Ticketsn Fares has the authority to resolve any disputes or claims that arise. This includes any service provided, any representation made, or your Privacy Protection by contacting Ticketsn Fares Customer Support at info@ticketsnfares.com or emailing @ EMAIL ADDRESS. Only if our team is unable to resolve your Claims within 60 days may you seek redress through arbitration, as detailed below:


Ticketsn Fares’s Terms & Conditions and rights are governed by the laws of the State of New York, USA. Unless the claim is specified otherwise, or mutually agreed upon in writing by both parties, you as a user of Ticketsn Fares grant us the consent to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of New York courts in the event of any action that arises that contradicts the given Terms. Unless otherwise specified or prohibited by applicable laws, it is mandatory to bring any Claim to our attention within 6 months of the booking or service date.


We intend to resolve all Claims through binding arbitration initiated by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). You must assert the Claims on an individual basis in a small claims court located in New York County, New York, and if your claims qualify according to the rules, the small claims court will state them. This includes any claims you make against Ticketsn Fares, any of our subsidiaries, or any of our affiliates. It also includes the linked Travel Service Providers or companies that are associated with us and offer you services through Ticketsn Fares. This includes Claims that arise prior to your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, even if prior versions of the Terms required changes or corrections.

Important: Ticketsn Fares is eligible for any Claims asserted against you at the small claims court.

There are no judges in the agreement or the court to review a specific agreement. As an Ticketsn Fares user, you can be the arbiter to award an individual the same damages or relief, including statutory damages, attorneys fees, and costs, that a specific court follows to enforce the Terms and Conditions as mentioned. The arbitration can take place over the phone, in your physical presence in the state where you live, where our headquarters are located, or at a mutually agreed upon location by both you and Ticketsn Fares.

To begin the arbitration process, you must send a written letter to our legal team outlining your claims. If we request arbitration against you or your claims, we will send you a notice/information based on the information you provided. To confirm, go over all of the terms outlined in AAA’s instructions, which can be found at www.adr.org or by calling them at 1-212-540-9121.

Any proceedings to resolve the Claims presented by you will be conducted on an individual basis only, rather than in the form of a class action or consolidated action. We waive any right to a jury trial under any circumstances if the Claim proceeds in court rather than through arbitration. The Claims you have brought against Ticketsn Fares must be resolved through Dispute Resolution. If a Claim brought to us is not conducted in accordance with this Resolution of Disputes section, it is considered insufficiently filed or void.


When you book with Ticketsn Fares, you will receive detailed information about your travel plans, itinerary, and applicable Terms. The information contains all of the details about the destinations, low-cost tour packages, airfares, flight schedules, and travel insurance that are included in your trip.

All of this data is provided to us by a third-party service provider, which includes airlines, hotels, tour operators, and other providers. Ticketsn Fares has taken every precaution to ensure that the information sent to you is correct and up to date. If it is not, we accept no responsibility for this information and cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies discovered as a result. You must understand that the information on our website is subject to change at any time without notice. Furthermore, all goods and services are subject to availability.

Under the terms of this document, you agree as Ticketsn Fares’s user that you fully understand the applicable legal requirements for making your reservation/ bookings, including insurance, passport, and government-authorized identity. As a service provider, we can only help you with this through our customer support team. The customer is solely responsible for getting this information correct and bringing the necessary documents before travelling.

Some additional Terms and Conditions apply to all travel-related bookings and purchases made on our website – Ticketsn Fares. Please carefully read the additional terms and conditions. When making an airline reservation on Ticketsn Fares, make sure to read the carrier airline’s terms and conditions that apply to bookings made with us. These are easily accessible through their website. Under our Terms, you also agree to abide by the supplier’s terms and conditions. Once your purchase is complete and the tickets are issued to us by the supplier, your airfare is guaranteed. Airlines or any other supplier may change their prices without informing us. As a result, we cannot be held accountable.

We also reserve the right to cancel your reservation if payment is not received in full. If your flight itinerary includes a flight operated by more than one airline, you must review both airline suppliers’ terms and conditions. Each airline has its own set of rules for fees, baggage, services, and other policies. If a change (cancellation or rescheduling) made by the other airline affects your flight or its schedule, you are held responsible and must bear the cost of the tickets to make the changes on the unaffected flight.

Airlines charge fees for any changes, refunds, or exchanges that you as a customer may require. You must follow the terms of the airline and keep your outbound and return e-ticket confirmation mail for all flights with you at all times while travelling. As needed, present proof of your return ticket at check-in. Ticketsn Fares recommends (and encourages) booking a combination of two one-way tickets rather than a round-trip ticket.

When you book a combination of one-way tickets, you have more flight options that are less expensive than when you book with different airlines. The round trip and one-way tickets, however, are not the same. They have their own set of restrictions, rules, and fees. If there is a change in the first flight that causes a delay in other flights, the customer will be charged and Ticketsn Fares will bear no responsibility.

For your convenience, LCC fares are converted from another currency to USD. The fare paid is an estimated ticket fare paid in the carrier’s local currency. There is also a chance that the amount paid with your credit card during your booking will be different due to currency fluctuations. When you receive the tickets, you will be charged additional fees by your credit card company as a result of the transactions you made in different currencies and countries. This could also be due to any other applicable taxes levied by the bank when making an international purchase.


Within the countries of departure and destination, the provisions of the Montreal Convention and the Warsaw Convention apply to international flights. The Conventions limit air carriers’ liability to passengers for death or any other type of personal injury that occurs to the customer. Passengers should ensure that they meet all of the requirements for foreign entry, including travel documents such as passports and visas (transit, business, and tourist) that are presented whenever requested. All foreign entry requirements must be met by you, and Ticketsn Fares or its suppliers cannot be held liable if you do not. We request you to check all the warnings, restrictions, announcements, and advisory issued by the destination country’s government before you book ticket with us.


Before travelling, check with the relevant Embassy for information on visas and passports. The requirements that our agents suggest may change, and you must check with the embassy before making any reservations. Ticketsn Fares cannot be held liable if you are denied boarding due to a failure to carry the required passport, visa, or other travel documents. The authorities may request these documents at any time, and you should be prepared to provide them as soon as possible. This includes any landing or takeoff, even if you do not leave the airport.


We recommend that you check the vaccination requirements for a country and consult a doctor before your departure. Make certain that you adhere to all health requirements, including vaccinations, medication, and the complete medical procedure as prescribed by the Health Department.


Certain countries have the authority to disinfect aircraft. They can do so if there is a perceived threat to public health or the environment. They obtain World Health Organization (WHO) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) approval for these disinfectants. This includes the following:

(1) While you are on board, spray an aerosolized insecticide or,

(2) Before boarding the flight, treat aircraft’s interior surfaces with a residual insecticide.

When Ticketsn Fares offers to book a flight or other travel service to an international destination, we do not represent or guarantee that travelling is safe or risk-free. As a result, Ticketsn Fares is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur as a result of travelling to a specific destination.


Each airline has its own set of policies regarding baggage allowance, fees, and restrictions. The policies differ from one airline to the next. We make every effort to display the correct baggage allowance following baggage information based on the airline’s allowance as stated on their website. However, we cannot guarantee that the information is correct. As a result, you must check the airline’s website and confirm it before departing.


Different Airlines providers have their different check-in rules and procedures for every customer. You need to confirm the check-in requirements and follow the given schedule for check-in:

For any Domestic flight: Check-in at least Min 90 minutes prior to the departure time.

For any International flight: Min 3 hours before the flight departure time.


Flight schedule changes (including cancellations) occur for a variety of reasons, including bad weather, mechanical or crew issues, or civil unrest. The itinerary includes a change to the original flight from a direct non-stop itinerary to include a previously unplanned stop(s) and/or connecting flight(s) to the final destination. Please keep in mind that schedule changes are initiated by the airline and are beyond our control.

In the event of a cancellation, we will notify our customers via phone and/or email, and our agents will assist you with the next best available options based on airline guidelines. In some cases, the airline does not provide us with advance notice. It is therefore your responsibility to confirm the flight schedule with the airline 72 hours prior to departure. This safeguards you against potentially missed flights.

In the event of a schedule change, the airline determines your options and has the final authority to provide you with an alternate flight. Once you check in for your flight, the airline is in charge of your reservation. So, if there are cancellations, delays, or schedule changes after check-in, it is their responsibility to rebook you or issue a refund. It is up to the airline to rebook your flight, and Ticketsn Fares will only guide you through the process.

If you do not learn about the schedule change 24 hours before departure, or if you are at the airport or between flights, we recommend that you contact the airline carrier directly. They will inform you of any alternative flights available to you. An airline carrier is a better source for providing you with an efficient solution. Please keep in mind that in extreme weather conditions, your options are limited, and even the carriers cannot assist you.


Some airline flights may be overbooked at times, resulting in a confirmed seat not being available. Typically, different airlines have different rules in this situation. These rules are outlined in the airline’s carriage agreement. You can contact us or the airline directly for more information.


Prices for specific services listed on Ticketsn Fares’s website are subject to change without notice. After ticketing, the offered fare is guaranteed, and it has been issued via email. Prices are changed at the discretion of airlines and other service providers without prior notice to us. Ticketsn Fares will send you a ‘Booking Confirmation’ after you submit. The ‘Booking Confirmation’ is a detailed travel itinerary that includes a booking reference and ticket issuance before the purchase is complete. If you have not received it, it may indicate that your booking is not yet complete, and the fare may change until it is issued.

In the event of a price increase, we will notify you before booking the tickets, and the fare charged will never increase after your travel booking has been issued. The prices for each service are in US dollars ($). If the full payment is not received on time, we reserve the right to cancel your accepted booking. The amount specified on the date of ticket issuance is only applicable for a fully utilized ticket in the same order of flight segments as stated on tickets. Any unauthorized use of the tickets may result in the trip being canceled.


Domestic – $75 per passenger

International – $200 per passenger

Trans-border (between Canada and USA) – $125 per passenger

Based on the airline’s policies, you can cancel your booking made to travel within the US before 24 hours of making the booking. In such an event, you will be eligible to get a refund of the full amount. The amount will be refunded to your original mode of payment.

Please keep in mind that in the United States, bookings made at least a week before the flight’s departure are eligible for a refund. All requests to process the refund are subject to the airline’s rules and approvals. Only the airline can approve the refund, and Ticketsn Fares can credit your original payment method. We cannot guarantee when the refund will be credited to your account. When you submit a cancellation request, the process begins, and we send you an email to let you know that your request has been processed.

Your original booking request will be charged a service fee. As a result, that fee is not refundable. Please keep in mind that, as a travel agency, we are reliant on the suppliers to initiate the refund. It may take some time for the refund to appear in your account after the supplier’s approval. Suppliers typically charge a fee to process your refund request. This process can take up to 60-90 days from the time your request is received.


Additional fees or fare differences imposed by the supplier (airlines, hotels, cruise lines, etc.) may be added to the total booking cost. Any name changes on any travel documents after we make the booking on your behalf are not permitted. If you change or correct your spelling after you’ve made a reservation, you may be charged an additional fee or penalty. More information can be found in our Taxes & Fees section. However, it is recommended that you double-check all of the passengers’ spellings before confirming your booking with us.


When making an international transaction, credit card companies charge a fee. This fee is known as a ‘International Transaction Fee,’ and it will appear on your bank statement. The amount charged on credit card is reflected in the local currency, so the amount in your billing summary page may differ from the amount in your payment page.

When booking an international trip with Ticketsn Fares, you should use an international credit card because we send your payment to international travel suppliers. On the day of the booking, the currency exchange rate and transaction fee are determined by your credit card company. In the event of a discrepancy, contact your credit card company to inquire about the fees or the exchange rate used on your transaction. We accept no responsibility in this regard.


A special seat, meal, or frequent flyer miles request will be treated as a ‘request’ only. As a service provider, we are not responsible for ensuring that it is issued to you. The airline carrier reserves the right to change the assigned seat without prior notice. All requests that you make to us must be confirmed with the airline by you, and we cannot guarantee that the raised request will be fulfilled. We make no guarantees about the meal included in your booking request, which is subject to availability by the airline provider. The frequent flyer programme or any other special request must be confirmed and fulfilled directly by the airline. As a result, following your purchase, you must contact the airline.


A wide range of travel services are available on the Ticketsn Fares website. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to use these services. You agree that any claims regarding specific travel services are not binding and are detailed on our website.


We do not allow accompanied minors to make direct reservations for any travel service on the Ticketsn Fares website. A minor is someone who is under the age of 16 years old. Furthermore, all airline policies for minors differ, and some airlines do not allow minors to fly without adult supervision. Some airlines only allow unaccompanied minors to fly on nonstop flights. Certain airlines charge an additional fee for an unaccompanied minor at check-in. For more information on unaccompanied minors, contact the airline and confirm the rules and restrictions.


If you decide to dispute the charges on your ticket with your credit card company, you must first notify us. If you have a specific question about a charge on your credit card statement, please call or email Ticketsn Fares before filing a disputed charge claim with your bank or credit card company. We will provide you with a resolution or a detailed invoice regarding the charges on your card from our end. Ticketsn Fares reserves the right to dispute any chargeback that we believe is being handled incorrectly. We may also cancel your travel reservation due to payment process uncertainty.

We are your authorised Service Providers when you book with us. Hence, when you book, you accept and agree to our cancellation policy, which is outlined below. Please keep in mind that any special offers or discounts advertised on the website are not subject to cancellation or refund requests (eg. coupon code). We may levy a chargeback if there is an incorrect dispute charged, and we reserve the right to investigate or deny any chargeback claims in order to recover the cost from you.

To confirm that this process is accomplished, we might need to use information that incorporates the call recordings of the initial booking call and further dispute the chargeback claims.e service provider’s competency.