Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines (DL) is a major American airlines based in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta’s major hub (9) are located in Atlanta, Seattle/Tacoma, Salt Lake City, New York-LaGuardia, New York-JFK, Los Angeles, and Detroit.

With 800-plus aircraft, Delta is one of America’s and the world’s largest airlines. A Delta Airlines booking can take you to 325-plus destinations in 52 countries and 6 continents (incl. subsidiaries and regional affiliates like Delta Connection).

Delta Airlines offers 6 travel classes—Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First-Class, Delta Comfort+, Main Cabin, and Basic Economy.

Some of the awards won by Delta include 50 Most Admired Companies, Best Airline Service Awards, United States’ Leading Airlines (Central America, South America, Mexico, the Caribbean), and North America’s Leading Airline.

Delta Airlines has been certified by Skytrax as a 4-Star Airline. Its subsidiary companies include (among others) Pan American World Airways, Inc., Delta Air Lines Private Limited, Delta Air Lines Dublin Limited, Delta Benefits Management, Inc., Endeavor Air, and Delta Vacations, Delta Loyalty Management Services, LLC, and Delta Private Jets.

How to Book a Flight on Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines ticket booking options

You can book a flight on Delta Airlines in several ways:

  • Online
  • By phone
  • With Delta Airlines mobile app
  • At a Delta Airlines ticket office
  • Through a Delta Airlines travel agent
  • How to Book a Flight Online on Delta Airlines
  • Delta Airlines online booking process

To book a flight booking online with Delta Airlines:

  • Go to Delta official website:
  • The Book tab will open by default on top
  • Enter your trip requirements
  • Click on the search button marked 🡪
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to:
  • Select your travel class and fare option
  • Enter the passenger information
  • Personalize and finish your booking
  • Enter your payment details
  • Confirm your booking
  • Pay
  • You will receive your e-ticket immediately after you pay.

Delta Airlines Accessible Travel Service
Book your special service a minimum of 48 hours before your flight departure

If you’ll need any assistance at the airport, you must inform Delta Airlines at least 48 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time.

  • You can book the service when purchasing your ticket.
  • You can also book later—but at least48 hours before your flight departs.
  • Online through My Trips, or
  • Toll Free Number phone: 800-221-1212
  • Report to the airport early.
  • Ask the ground staff for assistance.
  • You can ask for pre-boarding and check-in assistance.
  • You must travel with a travel companion (at least 18 years old) if you need help with:
  • Reaching the emergency exit
  • Communicating with a crew about safety
  • Buckle/unbuckle your seat belt
  • Carry out normal physiological function
  • Wear a life vest/oxygen mask
  • Keep adequate buffer time if you have to take a connecting flight.
  • You can book special assistance if you are:
  • Travelling as an unaccompanied minor
  • Travelling with an infant or a child
  • Expecting a child
  • A special needs passenger
  • A passenger with mobility problems
  • Travelling with a pet
  • Checking Your Delta Airlines Flight Status

You can check your flight status online at Delta Airlines as follows:

  • Visit Delta Airlines’ homepage:
  • Click on Flight Status
  • Select/enter the following details:
  • Flight date
  • (select from the dropdown calendar)
  • Flight number, or
  • Your origin and destination cities (From and To)
  • Click on 🡪
  • Your Delta Airlines flight status will show up.
  • You can check your flight status with Delta’s mobile app also.

How to Find Low-Cost Fares and Flight Deals on Delta Airlines
Below are a few smart tips to find great low-cost flight deals on Delta Airlines.

Call Delta Airlines for booking a flight at this 24/7 toll-free number:

  • Subscribe to Delta’s weekly emails and Delta Web Fares to stay current with the latest deals and vacation packages.
  • Plan well in advance. The sooner you plan, the better are your chances of finding a lower fare.
  • Fares vary based on demand, so try different days and times. You’ll typically find lower fares on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, as well as on late evening flights. Avoid Fridays and Sundays.
  • Look for other airports near you. Low fare tickets sold at the airport closest to you may still be available at a nearby airport.
  • Try flying round-trip. A single round-trip fare is usually cheaper than two one-way trips.
  • Plan your holiday early. Remember, holidays and school vacations are high-demand times. For the lowest possible fare, book as early as you can—even 6 months in advance.
  • Check for seasonal deals, such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday.
  • Delta Group Reservations
  • To qualify for Delta group reservations, you must have at least 10 passengers on your booking.

Making Group booking on Delta Airlines

You can make group reservations for 10 or more passengers online on the Group Travel page on Delta Airlines’ website. Alternatively, you can call us for group discounts are available for less than 10 passengers.

Delta Airlines Manage my Booking—My Trips

Use My Trips to manage your Delta Airlines flight reservations quickly

Delta Airlines manage my booking feature is known as My Trips. You can use this online functionality to perform many useful functions, such as:

  • Cancel your booking
  • Request for refund
  • Rebook your flight
  • Check in online
  • Print or download your boarding pass
  • Change your flight reservations details
  • Select, change, or upgrade your seat
  • Purchase a Preferred Seat
  • Pay for excess baggage
  • Add Trip Extras

You can use the manage booking functionality online as follows:

  • Go to
  • Click on My Trips
  • Select/enter your:
  • Confirmation Number, or
  • Credit/Debit Card Number on the front, or
  • Ticket Number, or
  • First Name and Last name
  • Airport (of origin)
  • Click on the search button marked 🡪
  • (Your trip(s) will appear)

Refer to the prompts to:

  • Cancel your flight booking
  • Request a refund
  • Rebook your flight
  • Check in online
  • Print or download your boarding pass
  • Change your flight reservations
  • Select, change, or upgrade your seat
  • Purchase a Preferred Seat
  • Pay for excess baggage
  • Add Trip Extras
  • Delta Airlines Booking Phone Numbers

What is Delta Airlines booking number?

Delta Airlines booking number in the United States is +. This number is toll-free and open 24/7 if you’re calling from the United States or Canada.

Below are Delta Airlines’ phone numbers—along with many other useful numbers—that you will need to make flight bookings, get SkyMiles information, check your flight status, and more.

  • United States
  • Phone Booking +
  • General Sales and Services +
  • Group Reservations +
  • Flight Information +1-800-3251999
  • International Sales & Service +1-800-241-4141
  • Refund Status +1-800-847-0578
  • Baggage +1-800-325-8224
  • Comment/Complaint +1-800-455-2720
  • Accessible Travel Services +1-404-209-3434
  • 711 (customers with hearing or speech disabilities)
  • Delta Vacations +1-800-800-1504
  • Delta Cargo +1-800-352-2746
  • Pet Service Reservations +1-800-221-1212
  • Hotels +1-866-204-0280
  • Rental Cars
  • Hertz +1-800-654-3131
  • National +1-877-222-9058
  • Thrift +1-800-847-4389
  • Delta Airlines International Flight Booking Numbers
  • What is Delta Airlines phone number to book a flight to other countries?
  • Delta Airlines Book Now Pay Later Program

Delta Airlines’ Travel Now, Pay Later program allows you to travel without having to pay upfront. The program is offered by Delta in partnership with Affirm. This means instead of paying for your vacation upfront, you can pay in up to 18 monthly installments.

How It Works

When you pay for your travel:

  • Select Affirm and provide your name, telephone number, email address, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • You will receive a credit decision within seconds.
  • If you’re approved for credit, you can spread the cost of your trip over 6, 12, or 18 monthly installments, along with interest (shown in USD instead of percentage points).
  • You will not be charged any hidden fees other than the amount indicated upfront.
  • After you complete your loan process, you will need to inform a Delta Vacations Specialist.
  • Affirm will then:
  • Directly pay Delta for your trip.
  • Send an email confirmation to you.
  • If Affirm does clear your loan application, call 1-800-800-1504 or speak with a Delta Vacations specialist about alternative payment options.
  • Delta Airlines Travel Classes

Delta Airlines offers 6 types of cabin options (travel classes):

  • Delta One
  • Delta Premium Select
  • First-Class
  • Delta Comfort+®
  • Main Cabin
  • Basic Economy
  • Delta One

Delta One is the highest travel class option offered by Delta Airlines and comes with full flat-bed seats. Delta One seats are available on most international flights to Oceana, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Major amenities include:

  • Complimentary airport club access
  • Sky Priority check-in, security, and baggage handling
  • Dedicated flight attendant
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • 180-degree flat-bed seats
  • In-flight bedding
  • Direct aisle access
  • Enhanced privacy
  • TUMI amenity kit
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Premium dining
  • Delta Premium Select

Delta Premium Select seats are similar to Premium Economy seats offered by other airlines. They are available on most wide-body aircraft and offer a roomier cabin, more personal space, an upgraded meal service, and seatback televisions.

Major amenities include:

  • Sky Priority check-in, security, and baggage handling
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Wider seats with more recline
  • Adjustable footrest and leg rest
  • 13.3in TV screen (select aircraft)
  • LSTN headphones (select aircraft)
  • TUMI amenity kit
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Premium dining
  • First-Class

Delta’s First-Class cabins are available on all narrow-body jets flying within the United States, and to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The seats are typically in a 1 x 2 layout on regional jets and in a 2×2 layout on mainline aircraft.

Major amenities include:

  • Sky Priority check-in, security, and baggage handling
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Wider seats with extra recline
  • 8in extra legroom compared to Main Cabin seats
  • Up to 5.4in recline
  • 11in seatback TV screens (select routes)
  • In-built power outlets
  • Billboard headphones
  • Wi-fi (most flights)
  • Blanket and pillow
  • Pre-flight drink/snacks
  • Delta Comfort+

Delta Comfort+ seats enjoy prime locations in the Main Cabin, such as the exit, bulkhead, or other areas with extra room. The seats come with complimentary light snacks and alcoholic beverages and can be selected for free by Elite members.

Major amenities include:

  • Earlier boarding and faster deplaning
  • Up to 3in more legroom than Main Cabin seats
  • Dedicated overhead bin space
  • More snacks
  • On routes > 900 miles (select flights) where meals are not available
  • On flights > 350 miles, coffee (Starbucks), beer, wine, and spirits
  • Amenity kit, blankets, and pillows
  • (flights to Honolulu)
  • Main Cabin Economy

A view of Delta’s Main Cabin Economy seats

Delta’s Main Cabin Economy seats feature traditional Economy Class seats and are located in the rear section of the aircraft. The seats come with complimentary snacks and in-flight entertainment (except on regional jets).

Major amenities include:

  • Complimentary snacks and meals
  • Beer, wine, and spirits
  • Complimentary on long-haul flights
  • Available for purchase on short-haul flights
  • 14 special meals
  • Toddler meals
  • Vegan meals
  • Non-veg meals
  • Gluten-free meals
  • Meals per religious requirements
  • Complimentary snacks
  • On routes > 250 miles
  • Amenity kit, blankets, and pillows
  • (flights to Honolulu)
  • Paid Wi-fi (select flights)
  • Complimentary access to Delta Studio
  • (movies, shows, etc.)
  • Basic Economy

A view of Delta’s Basic Economy seats

Delta’s Basic Economy seats offer the Main Cabin experience but with fewer amenities.

Major highlights

  • Complimentary carry-on bag.
  • Limited overhead bin space, so your handbag may have to be checked in (free of charge).
  • Checked bags must be paid for, depending on your route.
  • Seat assignments after check-in.
  • Cannot change, upgrade, cancel, or refund
  • Delta Airlines Seating Policy

Advance seat assignments are available for all fare classes except Basic Economy.

  • Passengers who purchase the following tickets can select their seats at the time of booking:
  • Delta One
  • Delta Premium Select
  • First Class
  • Comfort+
  • Main Cabin
  • Passengers who purchase Basic Economy tickets will be assigned a seat between the check-in time and arrival at the gate.
  • Advance seat selection is complimentary for passengers who purchase the following tickets:
  • Delta One
  • Delta Premium Select
  • First Class
  • Comfort+
  • Main Cabin
  • Delta Airlines Seat Choices

Delta Airlines offers 6 seating options:

  • Delta One
  • Delta Premium Select
  • First-Class
  • Delta Comfort+
  • Main Cabin
  • Basic Economy

How do I select a seat on Delta?

If you’re holding a confirmed Delta Airlines reservation, you can make an advance seat selection free of charge unless you’ve purchased a Basic Economy ticket, in which case you must pay a seat selection fee. If you’ve purchased a Basic Economy ticket and you don’t pay for your seat, you will be allotted one free of charge when you check in physically at the airport.

Passengers holding the following fares are eligible to make a free seat selection right from the time they purchase their ticket:

  • Delta One
  • Delta Premium Select
  • First Class
  • Comfort+
  • Main Cabin
  • Can upgrade my seat after selecting it?
  • Yes, all passengers can upgrade their seats except those who have purchased a Basic Economy ticket, as Basic Economy fares are non-changeable, non-refundable, and non-upgradable.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection
You can select a seat for yourself online, by phone, or through your travel agent.

Online seat selections can be made at the time of booking, later through My Trips, or at the time of checking in.
Seat selections by the mobile app can be made at the time of booking, after booking, or at the time of checking in.
Seat selections by phone can be made at the time of booking, or after booking. Refer to the section titled Delta Airlines Reservations Phone Numbers to make a seat selection by phone.
Note. Passengers holding a Basic Economy ticket must pay a seat selection fee.

Delta Airlines Booking Class Codes

Delta Airlines’ booking class codes are a combination of codes (letters and numbers) with meanings. Delta typically uses the second-last character to identify the booking class. On domestic routes (includes all 50 U.S. states plus Canada), the total number of characters is typically 8, but usually less than 8 characters on domestic routes.

Delta Airlines Booking Class Codes on International Routes
Booking Class Booking Class Code Example

  • Delta OneDelta One SuitesBusiness (Latin and Asia/Pacific) D VEWIA0DQ
  • Delta Premium Select P*
  • (M if you’re travelling from the U.S./Canada to EMEAI, i.e., Europe, Middle East, Africa, India). GLX67NPD
  • Delta Comfort+
  • (South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and select cities in Africa and the Middle East (TLV/JNB/LOS/ACC/DKR) excluding EMEA PoS) C or I TLX41NCD or TLX41NID
  • Delta Comfort+®
  • (Latin America, the Caribbean, and EMEA points of sales) — Identified by the ticket designator WCOM or SCOM
  • Main Cabin M or E VHWQ7NMQ orVHWQ7NCQ
  • Basic Economy
  • All points of sales in the U.S., Canada, Transpacific routes, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the U.K. B VLP65IBE
  • Basic Economy: Non-U.K. Europe points of sales in transatlantic regions LR VLP6LRBE
  • Booking Class Codes on Domestic Routes (the USA and Canada)
  • Booking Class Booking Class Code
  • (as the second-last character) Example
  • First Class F-Upsells F XAVNA0FE
  • Delta One D VEWIA0DQ
  • Delta Comfort+ C or I TLX81PCD
  • Main Cabin M or E KA7UA0MC or KA7UA0EC
  • Basic Economy B XEVQA0BA
  • Delta Airlines Booking Class Codes on Exception Fare Classes(Delta 006 Tickets Only)
  • Delta One®/First Class/Delta Premium Select J, C, D, I, Z, F, P, A, G
  • Full Fare Main Cabin/ Delta Comfort+ Y, B, M, W, S
  • Main Cabin, Discounted Main Cabin H, Q, K, L
  • Main Cabin (Deeply Discounted) U, T, X, V, E
  • Delta Studio—Inflight Entertainment Services

Delta’s onboard entertainment services offer 1,000-plus hours of free content:

  • Movies (300-plus movies)
  • TV Series (TV shows, live satellite TV on select flights)
  • Podcasts
  • Music (2,500-plus songs)
  • Radio Channels
  • Games
  • In-flight trivia
  • Free In-flight Messaging
  • Wi-fi

Delta Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Program—SkyMiles

A view Delta Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Program, SkyMiles

Delta Airlines offers a frequent-flyer program called SkyMiles®. After you enroll for SkyMiles, you can start accumulating points (or “miles”) by traveling on most routes, as well as by utilizing Delta’s co-branded credit cards. SkyMiles® is free to join, never expires, and comes without any blackout dates.

Delta’s SkyMiles program has 2 membership categories:

General SkyMiles membership
Medallion Elite membership (includes four tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond)
Delta 360 is by invitation only, available to the most loyal members.
SkyMiles is one of the few programs that let you earn top-tier status with everyday spending via the following co-branded credit cards (without even flying):

  • Delta SkyMiles® Blue American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card
  • Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them through Delta Airline tickets, flight upgrades, and luxury products.

Benefits of joining SkyMiles include:

Bonus points and miles when flying on Delta and partner flights.
Bonus points on everyday purchases.
Airport privileges and upgrades—such as free checked bags, priority boarding and seating, free cabin upgrades, lounge access, expedited security, etc.
Point redemptions when you purchase retail products, book hotels rooms, car rentals, vacations, etc.
How to Book a Flight with Miles on Delta Airlines
You can book a flight with your SkyMiles to 1,000-plus destinations across the with Delta Airlines and its partner airlines. Delta also allows you to book Award Travel for your family and friends—even if you’re not flying with them—and with no blackout dates on a flight.

How to Book China Airlines with Delta Miles
How to Book

  • Go to
  • The Book tab will open by default (or click on it if you’re using the Fly Delta app).
  • Check the box next to Shop with Miles as shown below
  • (or Show Price in Miles on the Fly Delta app)
  • Enter your travel requirements
  • Click on the search button marked 🡪
  • Select your flight(s)
  • Complete the purchase

How to save on your SkyMiles and pay less

Although Delta Airlines does not use China Airlines operated flights, you can redeem your SkyMiles on China Airlines’ flights. This means you can use your Delta Miles to book award seats on China Airlines, a Skytrax certified 4-star airline and Taiwan’s national carrier. China Airlines flies to many cities in Asia as well as between the United States and Taiwan. When redeeming your SkyMiles, you’re only allowed to book Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class award tickets, but no First Class.

The biggest downside to booking award seats on China Airlines via the Delta award search engine is that Delta’s award search engine doesn’t show all China Airlines flights. It typically shows you direct flights (displayed as the “cheapest” ticket) but misses out on connecting flights, which are often a lot cheaper. As a result, you end up paying a lot more Miles.