Price Match Policy

Ticketsn Fares strives to offer the best price when you book with us.

We are committed to offering you the best and cheap price among similar service providers. Our Price Match Option demonstrates how we make it possible for you. This section claims that if you can find a better price than Ours including all the same itineraries listed on our website at the time of booking, we will offer you that minimal price and the difference will be refunded to you.

You need to consider only one point – Report to us within 24 hours of the booking and get the assured best price on your flight bookings. When we say the Same Itinerary, it means that all the elements have to remain the same when comparing the flight booking. It may include – the Airline, flight number, destination, flying date, travel class, etc.

Why Should PMP Be Live? 

When booking a flight, you need to make sure that the page is live on the competitor’s website. It enables our representatives to check the prices by availing it.

How Can You Opt For PMP?

Now that you have made up your mind to utilize PMP, get in touch with us. You can get our contact details by paying a visit to the respective page and contacting us. Once we are connected, give us a brief on your itinerary along with the URL or screenshot of the website where you have seen a lower price listed on it. We will then ensure that the offer is real.

However, if we find your claims to be fake, or the provided information is not sufficient to verify it, then the refund will be denied from our end. When the lower price you have stated to us is verified, you will unlock the following choices to get the refunds:

  • Hold on to the booking and get a refund on the price difference,
  • Call off the booking and get a full refund of the booking amount.

Anomalies in PMP

There are certain fares that are exempted from PMP as stated below:

  • When there is an official discount.
  • On coupon redemption.
  • When there is a promotional offer (not accessible otherwise).
  • Membership program with a particular airline.
  • Reward programs having chartered and incentives.

Debarred from PMP

  • Bulk purchase of the tickets.
  • Holiday and vacation packages.
  • Tours organized for students, military officers, or government employees.

Important* – If any faulty practice is used when applying the fare, then the PMP will be exempted.